MEMS-VCSEL Swept-Source Laser Engine for OCT

Turn-Key MEMS-VCSEL Swept Source Module

MEMS-VCSEL Swept Source Module

Our partner Thorlabs is now selling 1310nm MEMS-VCSEL Swept-Source modules, along with full OCT systems utilizing the MEMS-VCSEL as the optical source.  The MEMS-VCSEL module makes unprecedented resolution and imaging speeds available to researchers.  The module is designed specifically for high-speed, high-resolution imaging via swept-source OCT (SS-OCT).

The module produces a 100 kHz or 200 kHz rapidly-swept laser output at >25 mW, swept from about 1250 nm – 1350 nm (100 nm tuning).  This widely-tuned laser output has been shown to have a coherence length of over 200 meters [Jnl. of Lightwave Tech. v33 (16)], enabling long-range OCT imaging [Optics Letters v38 (5) pp.673].

Please see the product pages at Thorlabs for more details:
• 1300nm MEMS-VCSEL Swept Laser Source
• VCSEL Swept Source OCT System (OCS1310V1): OCT Systems Comparison

Ultra-broad-band Light Sources

Praevium has developed a broadband superluminescent diode (SLED) to improve the depth resolution of spectral-domain OCT measurement.  These fiber-coupled sources have also been used for spectroscopy. Our SLED products are sold through partner Thorlabs. Links are provided below.

Item Specs Link to purchase
1310nm SLED (fiber-coupled) Bandwidth >100nm, Power > 10mW Thor Labs SLD1350
1310nm Dual-SLED Module Bandwidth ~200nm, Power > 10mW Thor Labs LS2000B

Tadpole Heart OCT with 1310nm SLED

OCT image of a Tadpole Heart taken using 1310nm wide-band SLED

Onion Skin OCT with 1310nm SLED

An SD-OCT 2-D depth profile of an onion skin, taken with  170nm wide SLED emission.

Thorlabs Dual-SLED Module, LS2000B

Thorlabs Dual-SLED Module, LS2000B

Multi-Wavelength Laser Arrays for Spectroscopy

Item Description More Info
Laser Array coupled to 400 µm-core fiber 12 lasers at custom wavelengths coupled into single fiber  Data Sheet
The multi-wavelength laser is not currently a commercial product. However, if you are interested in a funded development effort to customize these devices for a specific application, please contact us at

Butterfly packaged multi-wavelength source showing lasers, waveguide array and combined coupled optical output

Packaged Multi-Wavelength Array with multiple lasers coupled into a single fiber.

Optical spectrum of the MWS, showing each laser channel's optical characteristics.

Optical spectrum of the array, showing each laser channel’s optical characteristics.

Custom Projects

Praevium is interested in collaborations that require the development of new photonic devices.  See this document for information on our fabrication capabilities.

Please contact us at if there is a project you would be interested in pursuing with us.