Eye Imaging with new Electrically-Pumped MEMS-VCSEL

On Feb. 2nd 2015, Praevium published a paper in the Journal of Lightwave Technology special issue on Biomedical Applications, in which we present first retinal images acquired with the new electrically-pumped 1050nm MEMS-VCSEL light source. The 63.8nm wide tuning range is the widest 1050nm MEMS-VCSEL source to-date.

We present the first measurements of the coherence length of the laser, and estimate that when swept at 300kHz the coherence length was greater than 200 meters (in air).

Lastly, MIT collaborator Dr. Benjamin Potsaid and students in the research group of Prof. James G. Fujimoto acquired high-resolution angiographic images using the new source, with increased sensitivity aided by a prototype Praevium-designed wide-band optical amplifier.

Get the full article here:
Wideband Electrically Pumped 1050-nm MEMS-Tunable VCSEL for Ophthalmic Imaging
Journal of Lightwave Technology, Vol. 33, Is. 16, Feb. 2 2015

Figures from the paper:

Dye-Free retinal angiography
Dye-Free retinal angiography.

63.8nm Dynamic Tuning Range
63.8nm Dynamic Tuning Range
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