Single-Mode and High-Speed 850nm MEMS-VCSEL

D. D. John, B. Lee, Benjamin Potsaid, A. C. Kennedy, M. E. Robertson, C. B. Burgner, A. E. Cable, J. G. Fujimoto, and V. Jayaraman;

Presented at the OSA Laser Congress: Advanced Solid-State Lasers, Boston, MA, USA, Nov. 2016, paper # 2565017.

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We present an 850nm Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser (VCSEL) with electrostatically-actuated top mirror. Developed to target the water-transmission window for ophthalmic imaging, the light source achieves 37.7nm of tuning at 347kHz unamplified, and 5.4mW amplified power.

Fig. 5 - 36.0nm of tuning around 850nm.

Fig. 5 – 36.0nm & 37.7nm of tuning around 850nm.

dynamic tuning spectrum

The VCSEL achieves a record 37.70 nm of tuning at 347 kHz sweep rate, suitable for ophthalmic OCT imaging.

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