Single-Mode and High-Speed 850nm MEMS-VCSEL

D. D. John, B. Lee, Benjamin Potsaid, A. C. Kennedy, M. E. Robertson, C. B. Burgner, A. E. Cable, J. G. Fujimoto, and V. Jayaraman

To be presented at the OSA Laser Congress: Advanced Solid-State Lasers, Boston, MA, USA, Nov. 2016, paper # 2565017.

Download PDF here


We present an 850nm Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser (VCSEL) with electrostatically-actuated top mirror. Developed to target the water-transmission window for ophthalmic imaging, the light source achieves 37.7nm of tuning at 347kHz unamplified, and 5.4mW amplified power.

Fig. 5 - 36.0nm of tuning around 850nm.

Fig. 5 – 36.0nm & 37.7nm of tuning around 850nm.

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