Wafer Bonding

Top-down SEM of laterally-bonded single-crystal waveguides

Top-down SEM of laterally-bonded single-crystal waveguides.

TEM of bonded interface, showing dislocation-free interface

TEM of the bonded interface.

Praevium scientists contributed to much of the early work on planar wafer bonding of GaAs to InP, which was driven in large part by the development of long-wavelength vertical cavity lasers. This work demonstrated atomically continuous GaAs/InP interfaces, low voltage current injection across such interfaces, and reliable, high power wafer-bonded VCSEL operation.

In recent years Praevium has developed a unique proprietary process for lateral wafer bonding of dissimilar semiconductors along cleaved facets, with excellent waveguide alignment.  GaAs/GaAs, InP/InP, and InP/GaAs bonded interfaces have been demonstrated. A number of devices, such as ultra-broadband superluminescent diodes and CWDM arrays have been demonstrated using this new technology.

Learn more by reading our Paper on Multi-Lateral Wafer Bonding.

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