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Praevium Research was founded in 2001, with the mission of commercializing high functionality, radically miniaturized opto-electronic devices for a variety of system applications.

The company’s core competencies are in the design and fabrication of semiconductor lasers, detectors, and photonic integrated circuits, and their application in medicine, agriculture, and communications.

The Praevium team works with collaborators to develop new photonic devices customized to specific applications. Previous collaborations with university research groups have resulted in novel devices for spectroscopy, OCT and other applications.

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Current commercial products include ultra-broadband sources and widely-tunable MEMS-VCSEL lasers at 1310 nm and 1050 nm for for optical coherence tomography, a state-of-the-art medical imaging technique (see the Products page).  Miniaturized multi-wavelength laser arrays have been developed under government contracts for near infrared spectroscopy and for diffuse optical spectroscopy.  Custom arrays can be developed on request. Additionally, company scientists have made pioneering contributions to the research, development, and commercialization of  tunable lasers, vertical cavity lasers, wafer bonded devices, and new semiconductor materials.

This accumulated expertise makes Praevium Research ideally suited to offer custom opto-electronic device and process development services to academic, commercial, and federal institutions.